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Title: it's balnk
Character: Fem"Piri and Aussie
Rating: G
Warnings: a mess of total fail?


Guess what? I have the complete list of every glee song possible! My brother was also a fan so he downloaded everything from start to finish (it still creeps me that my 25 year old brother would be a fan of a highschool drama) and I made an illegal download of episode 21 today (hush hush kk?) It took me around 3 hrs to download since it's long.

I dont really know if this episode already aired here in the flip country (my canadian cousins calls the Philippines the 'flip' country) but i'm gonna spill the beans on this shiatzu!

Will made a song number that made my nasal thing bleed a gallon, suucchhhh a cutttee butt tush! and Sue was all 'dayuuuuum bro!' in her mind. Yall' can't blame her since she sees Will's head attached to his body now *steams!!!*

Finally the elephant now realizes that Jesse dude ain't worth it, and Quinn is still blooming even if she's preggers which is unfair since I have seen some pregnant women who really shows their discomfort while Quinn is gorgeous when she said 'I'm angry!' and Terry is into Finn now why do I smell a Cougar town crossover?

Can anybody tell me when will Emma comeback? I've been waiting for a while now ( and she really is my second favorite femal character (next to Sue *wink* *wink*) in the show)

and now ona  serious note, my older sister left yesterday to go work in the US of A in Maryland, it's sad that she's not here anymore. Her room now mine (but I have to share it with my grandma dammiitttt) almost all her clothes are mine now (i have a loaded wardrobe now) and it consist of girly frilly blousy blouses. Damn, we all still cant get over the fact that she just left, mom cried all the way last night when we went home. I guess it's the employers fault since they didn't give us time to prepare (note: we knew she was leaving 2 weeks before her departure) it was too fast, I don't even know what to do with school now that she's not here anymore :(  I cried too, in the bathroom as I bathe (I guess crying in bathrooms is my new hook XD) serously though, I have to accompany my mom to the mall all the time now since she and my sis were shopping buddies. Well I guess that's faith, if ever her first 3 years is good there, she may never come back, but she may come and take me with her when she decides to live in Canada with my canadian relatives. ugghh I find it weird that I cant cry now, I guess I'm all dried up!

oh, my ' So You Think You Can Dance' blog is coming really soon kk?

and now a video I dedicate to my sister, we were suppose to watch this yesterday but the intenret died again D:


it wa supposed to be Vogue, but we can't post it :(


I don't think I can dance :P


But I think this show may encourage me to try........"SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE"

I adore this show because they show true talented people, not just some false wannabees that I see on  t.v. *cough* abs-cbn stars *cough*
This show showcase people who are good in their own element are given the challenge to master or at least try a whole different type of dance that is far from their experience.

Whenever I watch this show, I can't help but tear-up at the 'Contemporary' routine, seriously though, dances makes me cry now! and it's all because of the choreographer named Mia Micheales! Mia=Genious!

She suure can make dance about anything!

This first dance is about Addiction, or Drug addiction. Danced by Kayla and Kupono from season 5, this has got to be the saddest dance yet! Kupono told in an interview that he wished he wasn't the 'addiction' at the dance since he had someone close to him who was into drugs. But he suure doesn't look like it! he kept his smirk as he tortures Kayla, who portrays the drug addict. Seriously sad :( ........and somewhat sexy, I mean look at 00:34, Kupono's face OMG! *faints* Oh Dear Mia Micheals! You are a choreography genious! Talent Just keeps flowing through my computer screen as I watch this

Don't throw your tissues away yet! This one is as equally sad as the first, this time it' about heartache. This is danced by Twitch and Kherigton in season 4. I have to say, thought the dance was emotional, Twitch's face was just too bland for me, he looked kinda lost throught the whole dance and his body was a bit stiff, but since he had the least dance training in the whole show, I pay respect for his efforts! while Kherington was amazing! It was too bad she got voted off early :( ...
Meanwhile, Mia Micheals did a great job making a dance with a bed, it's just wayy to unthinkable and novel and pure genoius! who would have thought you can dance with a bed?

and this last dance is about Possesion. This is danced by Twitch (again) and Katee still from season 4. I loved this dance soo much that I always scream when I watch it! It's not depressing or anything but this is still choreographed by Mia Micheals, now she makes a dance with a door! really Mia? Youre Genious! Honestly I dont know the message of the dance but based on my judgement, Katee is being held captive by the man at the other side of the door and she tries to break free but to only run into him at the other side, she still loves him but wants frreedom then the guy tries his best to keep her from escaping, I seriously dont know, that's just my theory! (doesn't this remind you of Spain and Piri again?!? "I'm begging you for Mercy, why wont you release me?") Tell me what you think people, what is this song about? Can it be it's the guy who wants to break free from his angry girlfriend? Please comment your answer!


we'll thats all my journal can hold, stay tuned for part 2! Next stop, hip-hop!